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About Debi Toni Music Studios

Debi Toni of Debi Toni Music Studios, LLC  believes Music Changes Lives. 

She is the Co-Founder with Cindi Sansone-Braff of Tomorrow's Classics Theatre Company now in production of Zoom Readings of her plays and working with Act Your Page/Fishlicker Improv Troupe! Ms. Toni's Off Broadway Credits include Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding. After performing professionally for many years,

 Ms. Toni received her Masters in Music Education,  but has started her return back to the stage and screen with the help of Eileen Haves Talent Representation, NYC

About Ms. Toni

Ms. Toni has a Bachelor's of Music and a Masters of Music in Music Education. She is a member of the Piano Teacher Association of America and SCMEA.

It’s been 20 years since Debi Toni attended Lindenhurst High School as a top ten graduate. Achievements included music in all directions: Director/choreographer for the Charles Street Players Theatre, Group Band President, Drum Major, Receiver of John Philips Sousa Award, Choreographer and lead for Select Choral Group: “Odyssey”. Spanish Club President, Thespian pit orchestra and performer etc……..

One year at Adelphi University was enough motivation to begin a career in music theatre that started from the dregs of Pennsylvania as an intern to three shows off Broadway (see resumes: Teaching with Children/Educational Experience). Tony and Tina’s Wedding is still playing in Manhattan 15 years later and Aida Tuturro (the Sopranos) began her rise to fame as the “other” bridesmaid. Debi Toni played Donna Marsala, the “singing” bridesmaid. Debi performed on accordion with the Atlantic Theatre Group under the direction of Bill Macy. Her third off-Broadway performance was in Balloonland, written and directed by piano recording artist, Robin Spielberg. Regional Musical Theatre, voice over work, some T.V. and film and about a zillion other little jobs in between kept Debi Toni afloat in her West Side apartment.

Maybelline Cosmetics was one of those part time jobs. So after a solid 10 years in show business, Debi moved to Missouri (for a brief engagement) and worked as a Special Projects Person. She returned to New York as a size one, but didn’t return to the business. She decided instead to stay on Long Island and work as a full-time Sales Representative. The money was a nice change, and the company car was great, but a wedding band was not sufficient to keep the artist happy.

So Debi Toni began privately teaching in her home and started a small business in which she is proud to call her own. Unfortunately a house fire in 2001 led to teaching in a trailer for a year and half so understandably, many students left. Now stands a beautiful new home, and new clients.

Debi recently completed that long awaited bachelors of Music at Five Towns College, summa cum laude. Debi completed her student teaching semester at the Lindenhurst Middle School teaching 7th and 8th grade chorus and 6th grade General Music. She is also teaching at three elementary schools in the Massapequa District: Unqua/Fairfield/Birch teaching recorder, general music and band lessons to grades 1-6. She continues with Masters Classes at Five Towns while looking for the job that’s right for her.

In the meantime, encouraging private students is her forte. She teaches in her home and at Music Land in the town of Lindenhurst: Vocal/Piano/Clarinet/Flute/Sax. Students range in age from 3 to 85 years of age, proof that music is for everyone! (See Debi Toni’s Philosophy of Music).

Debi will continue teaching through music, performing and also writing music for song books and future CD’s. So come join her and share in the Magic of Music!


Review from a new Vocal Student: 

I've been studying with Toni for the past month and it's a wonderful experience. I've seen consistent growth and development. Her expertise is powerful. She's able to detect when I need to be pushed further. Also, she gives great analogies and metaphors to help me understand vocal range and instantly improve my vocal skills. Toni is a vocal scientist. I've learned so much about music and singing because of her long history in the industry. In addition, Toni is a lovely person and a pleasure to work with! Singers at any level wanting to go the next should definitely reach out to Toni."


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