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Sound Clips - For Your Listening Pleasure.

Professional Work

Dreams in a Cookie Jar CD:

1."Dreams In A Cookie Jar"

2. "Beauty's Always There"
3."This Much"
4."Goodnight My Sweet"


Debi Toni at Our Lady
of Lourdes Church
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Off- Broadway Balloonland Show by Robin Spielberg:
"I Will Never Let You Down".


Debi Toni - Childrens Tunes

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New Vibes CD1:

1."The Spark Of Creation" - Rachael Bosak

2."I Wander As I Wonder" - Natalie Madlon
3."I Sing The Body Electric" - Bobby Montaniz
4."I Am A Small Part Of The World"- Nicole C. and Debi Toni
5."Why God Why?" - Tom Schrank
6."By My Side " - Rachael
7."Tell Me On A Sunday" - Hailey Berkowitz
8. "I Can Hear The Bells
" - Nicole Cacciatore
9."Some Enchanted Evening" - Rita Sarli
10."Maybe" - Angeline Andres
11."Part Of Your World " - Bailey Hawthorne
12."Tom's Corner Of The Sky " - Tom
13."I Dreamed A Dream - Debi Toni
14."In My Own Little Corner " - Angeline
15."I Have Confidence " - Bailey
16."Cabaret" - Hailey
17."Mama I'm A Big Girl Now " - Lea Jilling
18."There Are Worse Things I Could Do" - Rachael
19."When Will I Be Loved " - Rita
20."What Would I Do If I Could
Feel " - Tom
21."We Are A Family " - Bobby
22."Smile - Lianna Abrusci
23."Tomorrow" - Lea
24."Cruella Deville " - Thomas Jannson
25."Dancing Through Life " - Tom
26."Popular" - Bailey


New Vibes CD2:

1."Good Morning Baltimore" - Nicole Cacciatore

2."Day By Day " - Racheal Bosak
3."The Kite" - Bobby Montaniz
4."Soon It's Gonna Rain "- Natalie Madlon
5."Feeling Groovy" - Rita Sarli
6."C Is for Cookie" - Tara Coleman
7."What A Wonderful World " - Nicole
8. "Edelweiss
" - Angeline Andres
9."On My Own " - Nicole
10."I'm Yours " - Tom Schrank
11."Someone To Watch Over Me" - Bailey Hawthorne
12."Mr.Sandman" - Cast Of Short'n'Sweet
13."Wouldn't It Be Loverly" - Bridget Greenaway
14."My Heart Will Go On" - Lianna Abrusci
15."Build Me Up Buttercup" - Nicole
16."When You Wish Upon A Star" - Lea Jilling
17."This Is The Moment" - Bobby
18."Disneyland" - Bailey
19."Proud Mary " - Dian and Cast of SNS
20."Rachael's Corner Of The Sky
" - Rachael
21."A Piece Of Sky " - Lianna
22."Giants In The Sky- Tom
23."Stars" - Bobby
24."For Good " - Nicole and DT
25."Far From The Home I Love " - Dian Torres
26."No More" - Bobby

Simply New Vibes:

1."A Whole New World " - Thomas Jansson
2."Wonderful World " - Dian Torres
3."I Am A Small Part Of The World " - Natalie on Flute w/SNS
4."The Bee And The Clover" - Angeline Andres
5."Circle Of Life" - Thomas Jansson
6."Fairies Harp" - Angeline
7."The Moonlight Sonata" - Alex DeSoto
8. "Alex" - with Debi Toni

9."Linus and Lucy " - Alex
10."The Little Song " - Angeline
11."Sonatina By Clementi Opus" - Dian and DT
12."The Minuet " - Alex
13."Sonatina In C-Pus 36 # 1 " - Angeline
14."The Can Can" - Tara Coleman
15."Cruella Deville" - Thomas and DT
16."Light And Blue" - Alex
17."C Is For Cookie Piano" - Tara
18."C Is for Cookie Live From SNS" - Tara and Cast Of SNS
19."Yankee Doodle" - Tara
20."The Adams Family" - Alex with Dian (Snaps)
21."Do Re Mi" - Tara
22."Starlight Waltz" - Angline
23."Carnival Of Animals" - Dian
24."Fifth Symphony" - Alex
25."New World Symphony" - Thomas and DT
26."Distant Bells" - Natalie
27."The Water Is Wide" - Tara
28."Sawmill Creek On Flute" - Angeline

29."The Entertainer" - Alex



In The Garage

Gimmee Gimmee
Music In The Mirror
Out Here On My Own
The Tree
Oh, Holy Night
Won't You Charleston With Me
Someone Like You

"Just Fall"
"Goodmornig Heartache"
"I Won't Last a Day"
"Sweethearts Again"


No Pressure CD:

1."A Single Dream"
2."Last Dance"

3."Ice Castles"



1."Funk You "
2."You Are My World"
3."Soundtrack" read/listen
4."Yo Bro"
5."Opus Maximus" read/listen


Not Soon Enough with Heidi Venticinque:
1."You Raised Me Up "
2."Open Arms "
3."When I Fall In Love "

4."Are You Lonsome Tonight "

5."Spanish Eyes "

6."Summer Over The Rainbow "


8."Embrace Me Make It Through The Night "


DTMS, Music Changes Lives:

1."Nicest Kids In Town" - Tom Shrank

2."My Personal Property Sing" - Nicole Cacciatore
3."Sing-a-Song" - Bailey Hawthorne
4."Alex" (Aka Shroeder) - Alex DeSoto
5."Nothing" - Rita Sarli
6."Some Things Are Meant To Be" - Hailey Berkowitz
7."For Good" - Nicole and Rachael
8. "You Light Up My Life" - Natalie Madlon

9."Wouldn't It Be Loverly" - Rita
10."My Favorite Things" - Bridget
11."C Is For Cookie Live" - Tara Coleman
12."This Land Is Your Land" - Lea Jilling and Nicole
13."Proud Mary" - Dian and Cast Of SNS
14."A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" - Angeline Andres and Lea
15."I Dreamed A Dream" - Rachael
16."My Heart Will Go On" - Lianna Abrusci and Rachael
17."I Know Him So Well" - Rachael Bosak
18."A Whole New World" - Thomas Jansson
19."I Am A Small Part Of The World" - Natalie on Flute w/SNS
20."Part Of Your World" - Nicole
21."Suddenly SeyMore" - Bobby Montaniz
22."In His Eyes Duet" - Rachael
23."The Rose" - Rachael
24."The Water Is Wide" - Natalie Madlon
25."River In Judea" - Dian Torres
26."Mama Will Provide" - Hailey
27."Being Alive" - Bobby
28."West End Avenue" - Debi Toni






Work With Students

Student Recordings

Christmas Songs:
"Play Tracks"

Student Recordings:
"View Tracks"

Babylon Chorale rehearsal '15:

"And the glory of The Lord"

Ms.Toni's vocal class'08:
"A lot of Living to Do"

The Songs We Love'08:
Play Tracks:

1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-24.

Short'n'Sweet Show'09:
1."It's Time To Start the Show"
2."Tonight...Start At Her Singing "
3."Soon It's Gonna Rain"
4."When Will I Be Loved?" 5."Mr.Sand Man"
6."I Can Hear The Bells" 7."Rockin'Robin"
8."Part Of Your World"
9."In My Own Little Corner"
10."Build Me Up Buttercup"
11."Smile...Recording Session "
12."My Favorite Things"
13."C Is for Cookie"
14."What I Did For Love"
15."Proud Mary"
16."I Am A Small Part Of The World"
17."Defying Gravity"
18."I Sing The Body Electric"
20."Making It"